I just asked, they don’t… :c

That’s right! Pure Hue’s teashop hit 600 followers!
For this I decided to finally thank my beloved followers with a small giveaway.

Like, Reblog or Comment and on 1st of August I will randomly choose 6 ponies who will get a nice art price!

You don’t necessarily have to be a follower to win so don’t be shy to spread the word~ ;)

1st price (1 winner) is a full body lineless picture with background of the character (OC or canon) of your choice.

as a 2nd price (2 winners) I will design a party outfit (DRESSES!) for a character of your choice (OCs only!) This will be drawn as a simple coloured lineart.

3rd price (3 winners) is a simple linearted and colored picture of the character (OC or canon) of your choise.



Its been a real nail biter for me the past few months! I have to say I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! IF I COULD I WOULD KISS YOU AND THROW SPARKLES IN YOUR FACE!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!


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This is a mortycalypse!!!!

worse than the clones!!!!


(awwiiieeee congratz~<3)

Pure: I don’t think I have even heard of a potion that could reverse a unicorn magic spell. I’m sure though that that kind of thing exists somewhere to some spell. I should…

Grace: Shut up! You bore the customers away!


My biggest fans!!!!





teehee~ I just like my colt friend ok~


Bubblepop : Thank you!


You’re welcome! I’m sure you’ll like the strawberry mix of mine.

A requested Princess Grace!

she looks so beautiful!


The video is finally Done!

ooooh thank you for getting included in here~
you honestly are an awesome guy, you know that?

(via bronyatheart)

How many times do I have to say “uh oh” today?

What a screwed up day…

Pure: you’re my favourite customer

Grace: "Dorks…"

uh oh…

Carot - you are not supposed to be proud of that!!!!!!!

Just because everybody else does

true story ._.

happening ATM

there are a lot more of these…
we have yet to find temporary alicorn look. that would be totally awesome!